Sunday, February 6, 2011

Leftover stool… the unknown terrifying truth part 1


Truth: The rate of digestion is super slow for modern people!
The food that people eat from digestion to excretion probably takes 8-12 hours.  But a report from Discovery Channel stated that compared to people before, the rate of digestion for people nowadays is just 10% of that.  Due to the fact that people nowadays lack fiber and eat less fruit and vegetables, it takes about 80-120 hours.
What you excrete is actually what you ate 3 days ago.  We realize then that waste within your body can be stored for a long time.  Leftover stool will produce toxins which will harm the human body.

Do not think that if you go to bathroom everyday then there is no leftover stool in your body.  It is absolutely wrong.  According to medical reports, no matter how fat or skinny you are, there will be leftover stool within your body; they are stored within the large and small intestines.

There are 3-6 kg of leftover stool within the body of normal people.  People with constipation problems or those who are fat will have 7-11 kg of leftover stool.  Just think about it, within your 45 kg weight, there are 6kg of leftover stool occupying your body.  How horrible is that.
Three major problems with leftover stool:
Leftover stool will prevent nutrition absorption and the vitality and flexibility of intestinal villi. Although we eat many nutritious food to safeguard our own health, if there are leftover stools, even if you eat food that are nutritious or from a basic set menu, nutrients cannot be absorbed.  For people who do not excrete leftover stool or people with constipation problems, the body probably will not be able to absorb 1/5 of the nutrients.  The healthy food that you consume will not have its full effect.
Inflation and fermentation of leftover stool will lead to illness through blood.
Once the leftover stools within the small intestines start fermenting and inflating, the chemical toxicant will pollute the blood and circulate throughout the body resulting in acidosis.  It also burdens the three major detoxifying organs, the liver, kidneys and the skin.  For people who experience fatigue, pain in the soles of their feet, and experience lack of sleep, the reason might be the leftover stools!
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Leftover stools will gradually cause your body to be out of shape
Even if your body is full of leftover stool you probably will not notice it.  It will stretch your stomach, oppress the internal organs, change the shape of your stomach and spine, and is an important factor for obesity.  You probably have seen many 40-50 year old males with stretched bellies not being able to slim down. 
For these people, there are at least 10kg of leftover stools within their small intestines!

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